Devil Is Not Real

Is the Devil real? Is Satan a myth? Satan transforming himself into a talking snake is just a fable made up by religion, right? And did God really cast Lucifer out of heaven, turned him into a Red Dragon and named him Satan?

Bible-believers often face these questions about the presence of an Evil One. Many cultures even have an obsession in the Devil and his influence over people’s lives. Christian churches also recognize a spirit world with a myriad of rebellious angels, evil spirits, or invading demons.

But these myths have been repeated so many times in Christendom that they became established concepts, yet we will debunk each one of them. We expect our readers to explore with us the reality of evil but we are reminding you that there’s a mixture of truth and falsity in every belief system. We will tackle various topics like demonization, temptation, 666, hell or the underworld and we’ll banish each delusion by correct understanding.

Many of the views on evil things come from Christian religion and we are going to use the truth to fact-check each perception. You are welcome to ask questions and to discuss with us any of the articles that appear on our site.

Unmasking the faces of evil, visit today!

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